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Return to Value - these three words describe best what the Reverse Logistics Group stands for: returning the value of materials, products and customer relationships. However, this is more than just three words. It’s our philosophy.

Our Philosophy: Return to Value

Nowadays, a large part of the global population enjoys a lifestyle of consumerism and consumption. The life cycles of many products—especially electric and electronic devices—have constantly been shortened, leading to increasing volumes of waste, such as packaging material and disused devices. Even in countries with established collection schemes such as those in middle and northern Europe, the value recovery potential of recycling and logistics networks is far from being sufficiently realized.

We challenge this shortsighted throw-away mentality with our sustainable Return-to-Value concept: With sophisticated return, reuse, recycling and disposal solutions, we close material loops and enable companies and consumers to reuse products, components and materials, thus helping conserve natural resources and protect the environment.


Our product: added value

Besides providing a value return, our reverse logistics systems add value in many ways:

  • Financial burdens of environmental compliance requirements are turned into revenue potential.
  • Smart environmental compliance solutions underpin your organization’s green path.
  • Consumer experiences will be upvalued and customer loyalty will be enhanced.


Your processes will become lean, cost-efficient and transparent.


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