01 December 2014

RLG Peru: Take-back system for e-waste successfully launched

Mid of 2014 RLG Peru set up a take-back system for e-waste in Peru, the so called „Plan Colectivo RLGA“. Today, it already counts 12 members including multinational enterprises as well as local retailers. 
To facilitate the returns, RLG Peru recently started cooperations with a number of supermarkets in Lima. They will serve as collection points, allowing end users to combine shopping with disposing their e-waste easily.

Through their registration for the Plan Colectivo RLGA, producers of electric and electronic equipment (EEE) comply with a legislative obligation installed in 2012 that binds them to care for the return and recycling of their products. RLG Peru organizes the take-back of equipment from both institutional or commercial customers and private end users and takes care of a safe and sound recycling of the products. In addition, RLG Peru performs the reporting obligations against authorities on behalf of the member producers. A specially developed software allows to monitor and control mass flows at all time.
Within the next months, the list of collection points is continuously going to be extended and more producers are expected to join the Plan Colectivo RLGA. Possibly by 2015, at last by 2016, the producers need to meet take-back quotas. Together with its members, the Plan Colectivo RLGA therefore strives to achieve highest return rates already today so that they will later be able to meet the quotas.


RLG Peru, Plan Colectivo RLGA, e-waste, recycling

Induction ceremony at Makro de Surco. From left to right: Ana Molina (Makro), Daniel Ott (RLG Perú), Jhony Pando (Makro), Raúl Roca (MINAM).


RLG Peru, Plan Colectivo RLGA, e-waste, recycling

Induction ceremony at Centro Comercial Tecnológico CompuPalace. From left to right: Vice Minister Marian Castro (MINAM), Ximena Giraldo (Municipio de Miraflores), Daniel Ott (RLG Perú), Fernando Saltachin (RLG Perú) y Jorge Leau (CompuPalace).
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