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28 January 2015

Reverse Logistics Group acquires Britcom

Extending the geographical footprint by adding operations in UK (Birmingham) and Romania (Bucharest)

Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) expands its service portfolio in the repair and refurbish business and acquires Britcom. This allows the German based reverse and recycling group to strengthen its ‘Return to Value’ proposition with a further investment in a growing market: The rapid pace of technology advancements has extensively contributed to increased sales and usage of electronic devices. At the same time, manufacturers and retailers are challenged with a rise in customer returns, obsolete stock and end-of-life-products, leading to a growing need for return and excess inventory management.

By repairing and refurbishing the returns, damaged goods and overstocks, companies can maximize the value recovered from the respective devices.Through the incorporation into an all-in-one reverse logistics system, all relevant processes and operations are speeded up, including the collection of customer returns, the refurbishment of the products according to the respective operational specifications as well as the resale of the products. In order to offer its customers one-stop-shop solutions, RLG is integrating service providers along the value chain – especially in connection with the range of services of Cycleon, the international supply chain and service integrator that joined RLG in 2007.

With over 18 years in the repair and refurbish business, Britcom is considered by customers and competitors alike as best-in-class in this business, providing a wide range of services to well known clients and brands in Electronics specialized in household appliances, vending machines and consumer electronics. “With the acquisition of Britcom, RLG continues to invest in further growth, aiming to provide a seamless end-to-end service for its clients,” says Patrick Wiedemann, CEO of RLG.  

As part of its ‘Recycle for Reuse’ service, Britcom owns and operates Britcom direct, a leading e-commerce B2B trading platform for repaired or refurbished surplus stock. With a staff of around 180, the ISO-accredited company is based in two locations in Birmingham, UK and Bucharest, Romania. While the administration and sales departments are situated at the offices in Birmingham, repairing, product testing, cleaning, repacking and storing is arranged at the headquarters in Bucharest. Under RLG management, the company will further expand its services, opening up new business opportunities for customers. Hence, the joining of efforts will enable RLG to offer the full range of services regarding electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), including the reuse (REEE) and the disposal of the devices according to the European WEEE directive, strengthening thus its position in these markets.


Client-oriented solutions for a growing market

Ernst Hoestra, Executive Vice President After Market Services at RLG, is confident that customers will benefit from the new opportunities: “RLG and Britcom are very excited about this recent addition to the RLG Group. RLG’s well-developed network and presence in over 20 European countries will give Britcom’s clients an unrivalled geographical coverage and logistics capabilities. At the same time, Britcom’s technical expertise and experience fully completes RLG’s ‘Return to Value’ proposition.” The integration of Britcom into the Reverse Logistics Group will not affect Britcom’s day-to-day business. “There will be no changes for employees, customers and partners of Britcom,” adds Hoestra. The detailed modalities will be defined in the coming weeks.


About Britcom
Britcom provides high quality repaired or refurbished products via its thoroughly audited service from its fully accredited European 'in house' site. The company offers a wide range of product types including electrical and non-electrical equipment.
Britcom’s partners are manufacturers and retailers throughout Europe, offering established and respected brands both from the high-street and online. Established over 18 years ago with a focus on products requiring repair and refurbishment for resale, the company’s philosophy is based on the principle ‘Recycle for re-use’. Britcom has a staff of 180 in its locations in Birmingham, UK and Bucharest, Romania.
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