Compliance Solutions division, Jean Cox-Kearns,  Executive Vice President, UNU StEP Initiative, NASA Launch Waste Council
07 April 2015

Reverse Logistics Group strengthens Compliance Solutions division

Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) strengthens its Compliance Solutions division: Jean Cox-Kearns joins the company on April 1 as new Executive Vice President, to manage the business segment that is offering cross-national licensing and waste disposal solutions as well as environmental compliance services. Originating from Ireland, Mrs. Cox Kearns has extensive experience in the industry and therefore contributes precious know-how for the future divisional development. Moreover, she brings an international network of contacts with her and is active in many initiatives, above all in the UNU StEP Initiative (Solving the E-Waste Problem) and the NASA Launch Waste Council. „With Jean Cox-Kearns, we are bringing in an experienced professional. With her competences, she is the ideal addition to our team“, states Patrick Wiedemann, CEO of RLG.

Since the beginning of 2015, the German based reverse and recycling group is organized divisionally, creating the conditions necessary for further global growth and at the same time promoting RLG on the international stage. For these purposes, the existing business units as well as the individual companies were brought together into three divisions focused on global markets. Integrated with own management units, the respective divisions are forming the pillars of the corporate group. One of these three pillars is the Compliance Solutions division. Under the management of Jean Cox-Kearns, RLG is bundling in this division all compliance-driven take-back solutions for used electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and packaging – services the company is providing in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

“An integrated environmental compliance management system is a key factor for business success. At the same time, with a closed-loop approach, companies help to protect the planet”, says Cox-Kearns. “Together with my team, I am looking forward to supporting our customers in the implementation of a sustainable resource management.” Before her appointment as Executive Vice President at RLG, Cox-Kearns had worked for over 17 years for Dell. In addition to managing Dell’s Global regulatory TakeBack programs compliance she also managed the Resale & Recycling Business for customers in Europe, Africa and Middle East. In parallel with her employment at the computer manufacturer, she obtained a Master of Science degree in Executive Leadership. In addition to this, Cox-Kearns has a marketing diploma.

With its new strategic positioning, RLG is aiming to further expand the international success of the environmental compliance management and its respective take-back systems. “It is our goal to provide worldwide environmental compliance management to globally active groups”, says Patrick Wiedemann. “With the addition of Jean, we have come one step closer to this declared goal.”