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05 May 2015

Reverse Logistics Group launched first take-back program for end-of-life electronic equipment in Vietnam

“Vietnam Recycles” is the first free take-back scheme for used or defective electrical and electronic products that ensures a professional and environmentally sound treatment and recycling in Vietnam. It is run by the Vietnam Recycling Platform (VRP), a consortium of leading manufacturers founded by Apple and HP while the Reverse Logistics Group operates the system as a general contractor. The program has now been introduced firstly to Vietnam’s economic capital Ho-Chi-Minh-City (HCMC) during the 8th Waste Recycling Day.

In the lead up to the official event which was held by HCMC Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE), Vietnam Recycles had collaborated with the DONRE and the HCMC People’s Committees to establish 15 collection points throughout the city for receiving end-of-life consumer electrical and electronic products from individuals and households during the Recycling Week from 13 to 17 April 2015. Moreover, Vietnam Recycles hosted a booth at the Waste Recycling Day venue on Sunday April 19 to receive more equipment and promote the program through various activities.

To assure a professional treatment of the received equipment according to the VRP members’ standards, Reverse Logistics Group has selected, trained and audited a waste treatment facility near HCMC and set up a downstream management that covers and documents all material flow, starting already with the pick-up of the material. Registered collection points can send pick-up requests through an online platform, a mobile application or the program’s hotline.
“With Vietnam Recycles, we want to contribute to Vietnam’s environmental protection activities,” said Patrick Wiedemann, CEO of Reverse Logistics Group.  “We are thrilled to bring our expertise and techniques to build new standards in collection, logistics and recycling for Vietnam. Key to this program’s success is the strong collaboration and support from government, organizations and consumers.”  HP’s South East Asia (SEA) Environmental Manager, Monina de Vera-Jacob, adds: “Vietnam Recycles is guided by the idea that manufacturers, consumers and governments have a shared responsibility for treating end-of-life electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. Ultimately we are here to give every user of electronic equipment the chance to participate in the program and thus live up to their share of responsibility to protect Vietnam’s environment and human’s health like we as manufacturers do in funding this program. Therefore, we hope everyone will actively participate in the program.”
The program is also fully compliant with the Prime Ministerial Decision 50 about the collection and treatment of discarded products which came into effect January 2015 and sees manufacturers of electronic products responsible for receiving and recycling electronic waste for environment protection.

According to Vietnam’s Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (INEST), the volume of e-waste in Vietnam is increasing rapidly due to the sharp increase in product demand. However, the level of public awareness regarding waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is very limited.
“This program means a lot for Vietnam” Mr. Hoang Duong Tung - Deputy Director General -Vietnam Environment Administration shared. “We have seen some recycling programs organized some time ago but in small and short-term manner. The main issue originated from the lack of understanding of communities about e-waste recycling, the shortage in investment for proper e-waste management system and most importantly the long-term commitment in green projects. We do appreciate the initiatives of VRP and how the organization is positioned as companion for Vietnam’s greener future. We believe in the positive outcomes that will make changes in Vietnam’s environment.”

Having received already a notable amount of e-waste during the Recycling Week, Vietnam Recycles plans to keep the established collection points for future collection and to expand the collection point network throughout HCMC, adding e.g. schools, governmental institutions and shopping malls. Future plans see collection points opening in Hanoi.



About Vietnam Recycles:

Vietnam Recycles is a free take-back program for used or defective electrical and electronic equipment to ensure their safe and environmentally sound recycling.
All used or defective electrical and electronic equipment returned through the program are safely collected and professionally processed to achieve maximum recovery of natural resources and ensure highly professional waste treatment.

Vietnam Recycles is run by the Vietnam Recycling Platform (VRP), a consortium of leading producers of electrical and electronic equipment founded by Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and Apple South Asia Pte. Ltd.. The objectives of the Vietnam Recycling Platform are to reduce electronic waste, increase recycling and manage the environmental, health and safety impact of products at the end of their life cycles.

Vietnam Recycles is operated by the assigned General Contractor - RLG Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd..

For more information about Vietnam Recycles in terms of policy, procedure or registration, please refer to our official website: www.vietnamrecycles.com.