31 January 2017

RLG Peru's IT Group Plan reaches collection quota for 2016

Just as with many other countries, Peru requires producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) to provide a take-back and recycling system for their waste products (WEEE). In 2016 for the first time, a collection target was set that equaled 4% of their average imports during the previous 3 years. In contrast to other compliance schemes, RLG Peru was able to achieve this target for its Group Plan and with this full compliance for their member producers. Producers who fail to reach their collection quota risk to face penalties.

The RLG Peru IT Group Plan is a collective compliance scheme that covers all obligations and needs of producers and importers in regard to waste product take-back according to national regulation. The scheme, which was formally approved in 2014, has been joined by a large list of producers and importers, amongst them Dell, HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, LG and Lenovo.

To assure their future collection volumes, RLG Peru has commenced cooperation with a municipality in Lima to establish 4 collection points where citizens can drop-off their products. This network is expected to grow to 20 collection sites and a further expansion to other municipalities is planned for 2017.


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