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The RLGA Group Plan, formally approved on November 14, 2017, by the National Agency for Environmental Licenses (ANLA) through Resolution 1437 of 2017, provides comprehensive management of the obligations and needs of producers and importers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Colombia.

The RLGA Group Plan meets all regulatory requirements regarding the currently applicable legal framework for electronics and provides cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to its members.

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Are you a Producer Subject to Resolution 1512?

In the framework of the Resolution 1512, producers of certain Electrical and Electronic Equipment are required to design, implement and manage a WEEE management system, which can be individual or collective.

In accordance with the Article 3 - Definitions, the producer is defined as any natural or legal person, regardless of the sales technique used, which:

  • Manufactures computers and / or peripherals under their own name or their own brand, or have designed or manufactured computers and / or peripherals and market those products under their name or brand.
  • Puts on the market or resells under their own name or brand computers and / or peripherals manufactured by third parties.
  • Imports or introduces to the country computers that are classified by subheadings 8471.30.00.00, 8471.41.00.00, 8471.49.00.00, 8471.80.00.00 and 8471.90.00.00 of the customs tariff, printers that are classified by subheadings 8471.60.11.00 and 8471.60 .19.00 of the customs tariff and / or peripherals from other countries.
  • Assembles computers and / or peripherals on the basis of components of multiple producers, under their own name or their own brand.

If your company imports more than 100 units of appliances under the above-mentioned import codes, you are subject to comply with the Resolution.  

RLG Colombia, through its RLGA Group Plan, helps producers to fulfill their obligations and is responsible for answering to all legal requirements established by the legal framework in Colombia.

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What is the RLGA Group Plan Colombia?

The Take-Back and Regulatory Compliance System (TRCS) is implemented by RLG Colombia through the RLGA Group Plan, according to what is stated in the following illustration. RLG Colombia acts as a compliance unit that represents obliged producers and manages their environmental compliance. RLG Colombia implements and operates the system on behalf of their members, makes the necessary arrangements with the different competent governmental authorities, manages operations and logistics for collection, and monitors the recycling which is carried out in accordance with the highest technical standards.


RLG Americas, through its RLGA Group Plan, helps producers to fulfill their obligations and is responsible for answering to all legal requirements established in the applicable regulation.





A general scheme of the different stages of the RLGA Group Plan in Colombia is presented in the following illustration:

The RLGA Group Plan is responsible for collecting WEEE of all types of end consumers, e.g. private companies, public institutions and households. It also manages the member companies’ own generation.
Once at the WEEE recycler, RLG Colombia ensures, through detailed and continuous audits, recycling processes that meet the technical standards required by all current regulations and the member companies.
Using IT systems developed specifically for reverse logistics and collection systems, RLG Colombia provides full traceability of the material collected, from the delivery point until the material has again become a commodity.


What services are included?

The services offered by RLG Colombia in the context of the RLGA Group Plan include:

  • Modification of the RLGA Group Plan and notification to the Competent Authorities;
  • Compliance with all requirements of the currently applicable regulation;
  • Operation and administration of the collective take-back system, the RLGA Group Plan;
  • Preparation and submission of annual reports to the Competent Authorities;
  • Monitoring and tracking of the regulations regarding take-back and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE);
  • Continuous improvement to ensure efficient, environmentally friendly and economically successful operations.


Additional services according to the needs of each member company may be provided, but are subject to a specific quote.


How to join?

Joining the RLGA Group Plan is easy. You only need to know the imports figures of the above mentioned HTS Tariff Codes for equipment of your company in recent years.
The RLGA Group Plan distinguishes three categories of producers, which are defined by the collection obligation of each company, depending on its imports into Colombia of electronic equipment subject to the current regulation.

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