RLG Mexico Group Plan Mail-Back Program

Welcome to the RLG Mexico Group Plan product take-back program for products from Mexican household and end-consumers.

The RLG Mexico Group Plan will ensure - after a first evaluation of the equipment - that the refurbishment, recycling and disposal (whatever applicable) is performed in an environmentally sound manner that complies with all governmental laws and regulations.

The RLG Mexico Group Plan Program has the following restrictions and instructions:

  • No disassembled equipment or parts in poor condition are received. This does not apply for stand-alone peripherals or accessories.
  • The equipment and peripherals must be properly packed in a box suitable for shipping.
  • The "Mail-Back" program applies only to equipment brands of the companies participating in the Group Plan RLGA: Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft and HP.
  • The user of the program is solely responsible for the information contained on the computer when being shipped. The Group Plan and its affiliated companies are not responsible for the loss of information in relation to this service.
  • Once the equipment has been sent through the "Mail-Back" program, the user can no longer claim a refund and will lose all rights to the equipment at the moment of delivery to the program.

If you have any questions about using this program, please send an email >.

Important: If you wish to return a product which has a cracked or broken monitor screen or has any sign of visible leakage, please send an email > for assistance.

Please click the link below, if you would like to proceed with using this program to return an item for reuse or recycling.

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